The Miraculous Doodlebugg Update

We LOVE updates from our former rescue animals and we really wanted to share this special update with all of you who support our lifesaving work.

Some of you may remember Doodlebugg. Doodlebugg was a special needs dog that we were able to pull from a local kill shelter shortly before he was to be euthanized. DoodleBugg attended the Bark and Boogie Ball in October and we shared his story to raise money for his and other special needs animals care. He has since been adopted and we received the below message update from his loving family.

“We got amazing news yesterday! When we decided to adopt Doodlebugg, he was a bit of an unknown. The Humane Society of Forsyth pulled him from another shelter that was going to euthanize him. He had a heart murmur and his leg had been broken at just a few weeks old. There was a good chance he was going to need to have it amputated. It was love at first site for us, and we were willing to adopt him no matter the outcome.

We got the first great news the day we adopted him. He was murmur free! For 4 months, we have loved him. We have wondered what would come of his leg injury but were ready to do whatever he needed. Yesterday, we went to the vet to recheck his leg. The vet’s actual words were, “he is a miracle dog.” Once again, he overcame the odds! His break went from a full 90 degree shaped break to a completely healed bone with just a slight curve! He will not need his leg amputated! God has blessed this little baby so much in his short life and we are just so glad that we were chosen to be his parents!

Thank you so much loving him the way you do! This is a what it’s all about!”

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