Other Ways To Donate

Make a gift that is meaningful for YOU.  Become an animal sponsor, make a plan to support HSFC in the years ahead, support our mission through workplace giving, or choose another way to make a meaningful gift.

Kroger Rewards:  What if every time you went to KROGER, HSFC would receive a donation from you? The Kroger Co. is donating to charity organizations all the time and HSFC wants them to know that our patrons prefer Kroger.  So what do you need to do?

If you have a Kroger Plus Card, simply go to this website and follow instructions on how to add the Humane Society of Forsyth County, GA to your rewards card activity. Our Organization code is 60288.

This does not impact any of the rewards you already receive from Kroger (like your gas discounts). This is just a way for Kroger to know how many people who support us, shop with them. The more you spend when you shop at Kroger, the more of a donation HSFC receives to help our furry friends. So YOU get to tell them how to donate…just by shopping at Kroger.

How to sign up:

  1. Click on the BLUEKroger Rewards above
    2.  On right side, sign in ( or create an account)
    3.  On the Upper right side under your name click “My Account”
    4.  On left side…click on “Community Awards”
    5.  Enter in the code for HSFC (60288)

Amazon ‘Smile’:  Amazon.com now has a website that allows users to pick a charity and donate 0.5% of every purchase to it.  All you do is shop!  Signing up is easy, just follow the link and log in to your Amazon account.  Now just shop!

HSFC Amazon Wish List:  Our wish list will show you the many products that we use every day at HSFC. You can make purchases directly through Amazon.com from our Wish List and Amazon will ship it directly to us.

Donation Wish List

• Used towels, pillow cases & fleece throw blankets
• Bleach (unscented)
• Dawn Liquid dish soap
• Liquid Laundry detergent
• Clorox or Lysol disinfecting wipes
• Paper towels
• Hand sanitizer
• Fabuloso Deodorizing cleaning solution
• Odo-ban disinfectant
• 35 Gallon Trash bags
• Kitchen trash bags (13 gallon)
• Sandwich bags
• Fancy Feast canned kitten food
• Puppy and Kitten formula
• Litter (unscented non-clumping)
• Dog and Cat toys (easy to sanitize in sink or washing machine)
• Puppy pads
• Pet carriers (new or used)
• Pill Pockets
• Cat and Dog Food (any brand for our Food Pantry)
• Leashes and collars of all sizes (especially small)
• Harnesses (extra small & small)
• Puppy Play Pens
• Copy paper

Still looking for other ways to donate your time/talents?  Contact us at volunteers@forsythpets.org and our coordinator will introduce you to the right individuals.