Other Ways To Donate

Make a gift that is meaningful for YOU.  Become an animal sponsor, make a plan to support HSFC in the years ahead, support our mission through workplace giving, or choose another way to make a meaningful gift.

Donation Wish List

• Used towels, pillow cases & fleece throw blankets
• Bleach (unscented)
• Liquid Laundry detergent
• Clorox or Lysol disinfecting wipes
• Paper towels
• Hand sanitizer
• Fabuloso Deodorizing cleaning solution
• Odo-ban disinfectant
• 35 Gallon Trash bags
• Kitchen trash bags (13 gallon)
• Sandwich bags
• Slow feeder bowls
• Fancy Feast canned kitten food
• Puppy and Kitten formula
• Litter (unscented non-clumping)
• Dog and Cat toys (easy to sanitize in sink or washing machine)
• Puppy pads
• Pet carriers (new or used)
• Pill Pockets
• Cat and Dog Food (any brand for our Food Pantry)
• Leashes and collars of all sizes (especially small)
• Harnesses (extra small & small)
• Puppy Play Pens
• Copy paper

Still looking for other ways to donate your time/talents?

Contact us at volunteers@forsythpets.org and our coordinator will introduce you to the right individuals.

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