Become a Cyber Foster!

Here at the Humane Society of Forsyth County, we know that not everyone who would like to foster a pet can. We have been looking for more ways for our community to be involved in a fun way that benefits the pets in our care. As a result the HSFC Cyber Foster Program was created!

What is a Cyber Foster?

A Cyber Foster is a volunteer who has decided to “foster” one of our pets in our shelter. Cyber Fostering includes socializing with your foster at least twice a month, taking pictures or videos of your time together and promoting your “foster” on social media to help them be adopted. Traditional fosters are able to donate their time and homes to the foster pets in their care. Cyber Fosters would be asked to donate some time and a small monthly donation of $10.00. The goal of Cyber Fostering is to bring some of our longtime residents into the spotlight and help them find their “fur”ever homes. You can “foster” as many pets as you’d like, we do not have a limit.

How do I become a Cyber Foster?

If you are interested in our Cyber Foster Program, you must be one of our Registered Active Volunteers, and we ask that you have at least one social media account (and are following us on that platform). If you are not already a registered Active Volunteer you may speak with one of our Shelter Staff members and they can walk you through that process. As an Active Volunteer you would then fill out of Cyber Foster Application. It’s that simple!

Which pets are eligible for Cyber Fostering?

While our puppies and kittens are lots of fun they don’t need as much help being adopted. So the pets that are eligible for Cyber Foster are our adult pets that have been in our shelter for over 3 months.

If your “foster” is adopted you are able to pick another one!


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