Forever Care/Special Needs Program


Help fund an animal in need by joining our Forever Care/Special Needs Program. As one of the few No-kill Shelters in the area we are committed to giving every animal in our program the best chance at finding a new home and this is why our ability to provide special needs medical and forever care are crucial to our operation.
Regardless of how an animal becomes a special needs pet, whether it be through illness, accident, birth defects, or at the hands of an abuser they have a lot to teach us about resilience, love, and the will to survive despite sometimes overwhelming odds. Some examples include broken bones and other orthopedic issues, Parvo, Pan leukopenia, emergency cesareans, and in some cases behavior issues.
When an animal with special needs enters our program, our first priority is to ensure that the animal receives the medical care and attention it needs. More often than not we see a complete recovery, but occasionally we find an animal that despite our best efforts is faced with long term or life term medical support needs.
Special need animals are the hardest to place in homes because the long-term care they need can be more expensive than many adopters can afford. This is why our ability to provide Forever Care is vital to the long-term happiness of these animals. Our Forever Care Program supplements and in some cases covers the long term medical care of the animal so that the barrier of cost restrictions is taken out of the equation. Some examples of Forever Care expenses are: Prescription food, dietary supplements, specialty medication, blood panels, rehabilitation, and follow up medical examinations with a specialist.
Our philosophy is simple, once we have committed to an animal and will be providing the care it needs while it stays in our adoption program, why not make it possible by providing the same dedication and care for the animal to live in a loving home.
Become a Rescue Ambassador and a true Rescue Hero by clinking the donate link at the top or bottom of this page and making your tax deductible donation to our Forever Care/Special Needs Program today.

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