Animal Intake

The Humane Society of Forsyth County provides a service by taking in needy animals across North Georgia and provides for them while finding them a new home.

Current HSFC Intake Policy

As a “No-Kill” shelter, the Humane Society of Forsyth County will NEVER euthanize an animal to control the number of animals at our facility. Therefore, we can only accept the intake of animals as our capacity and resources allow. We accomplish this via a selective admission process that determines the physical and mental health of the animal. This type of testing includes, but is not limited to:

– General health screening for all animals.

– Leukemia and FIV test for all felines. A feline intake will be declined due to a positive test. In the event of a positive test result, we will provide contact information for other rescues that may be able to help.

– Temperament testing. All animals must be friendly and socialized and cannot exhibit any aggressive or extreme fearful behaviors toward other animals or humans. Please keep in mind that an animal can behave VERY differently in a stressful shelter environment than how they behave in a home setting with people they know and trust.

Adhering to this policy ensures that the animals in our care are as mentally and physically healthy as possible so they can find a life-long home quickly. If your animal is accepted into our facility, we will require a $40 pet surrender fee which will help to offset the enormous cost of feeding, housing, and veterinary services.

If you need to make the difficult decision to surrender your pet, please contact Kim at to discuss the process. Animals considered for intake are determined by space and resources, and cannot be guaranteed.

Stray Policy

The Humane Society of Forsyth County cannot legally admit stray/lost pets directly into our facility. Per Georgia State Law, stray/lost pets must be taken to the animal control facility that provides for such service in the jurisdiction in which the animal was found. There are legally mandated stray hold times.

Some animal control agencies may allow the finder to hold the animal for the mandated time, but the finder must file a found pet report and make a good faith effort to reunite the pet that they have found with its legal owner. Owners who have lost a pet need a central location to find them, and the best location is their local municipal animal control facility.

Please contact your local Animal Control Agency for information on their acceptance policies for stray animals. Below is a list of the animal control agencies for the surrounding counties of Forsyth County Georgia:

– Barrow County Animal Control (770) 307-3012

– Dawson County Humane Society (706) 265-9160

– Forsyth County Animal Shelter (678) 965-7185

– Fulton County Animal Services (404) 613-0358

– Gwinnett County Animal Control (770) 339-3200

– Hall County Animal Services (678) 450-1587

– Jackson County Animal Services (706) 367-5480

– Lumpkin County Animal Control (706) 867-7297

– Stephens County Animal Control (706) 282-3275

– White County Animal Control (706) 219-2689

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