We are currently seeking a full-time kennel technician, full-time receptionist, and full-time veterinary assistant for our Keith Bridge Road Location.

Full-Time Kennel Technician

Hours: Full-time, Weekend/Holiday Availability is Required.


Primary responsibilities include:
• Provide animal care daily, including cleaning/sanitizing equipment and kennels, effectively, efficiently, and safely while maintaining a clean and orderly animal housing and employee work area.
• Assist with temperament testing of potential animal intakes to promote a successful adoption experience and help develop behavior modification training for animals exhibiting behavior issues.
• Safely administer oral medications.
• Assisting the public with adoptions.


Preferred candidates must understand animal health care, behavior, breeds, control, and handling of dogs and cats. The candidate must also understand and recognize common illnesses, diseases, injuries, and knowledge of safe procedures for handling animals. Must have a positive attitude and be empathetic under challenging situations. Clear and effective communication with management and medical staff is essential to this position. Must be a high school graduate or educational equivalent. Must maintain a valid driver’s license and be authorized to work in the United States. You will be required to work some holiday shifts. Duties require lifting, bending, stooping, pushing, and other strenuous activities. Any allergic condition that would be aggravated from exposure or through contact with animals or chemicals used to sanitize facilities or equipment is a disqualification.

Must be at least 18 years of age. Must possess a valid driver’s license.


Full time – $12.00 per hour.

Job Type

Full time.

For more information or to submit your resume, contact the Shelter Operations Director at jdaniel@forsythpets.org.

Full-Time Veterinary Assistant

Hours: Full-time, Weekend/Holiday Availability is Required.

Duties Include:

Public Wellness & Vaccine Clinic
• Safely administer vaccines and medication via injection and orally.
• Safely perform testing via blood draw and implant microchips.
• Effectively communicate with clinic clients to explain services/treatment and care of their animals.
• Exceptional handling/ restraint skills and the ability and confidence to handle potentially aggressive animals safely is crucial to this position.
• Ability to maintain accurate and detailed medical records.
• Ability to multitask in a fast-paced environment.

Other Duties:

• Other duties including providing courteous, prompt, and professional services when answering the phone and in person.
• Assist with transport of animals to and from off-site veterinary appointments on an as needed basis.

Physical Requirements:

• Must be able to safely lift and carry up to 45 pounds.
• Must be able to work standing for 8 hours and be able to bend, kneel and maneuver in small spaces in various situation.
• Must be able to work under pressure and remain calm when dealing with people.


• Experience in a veterinary clinic/hospital and/or animal shelter environment preferred but not essential.
• Working knowledge of breeds, diseases, medical conditions, animal handling & behavior.
• Highly motived and professional with the ability to work independently.
• Good listening and communication skills.
• Must be able to work constructively within a team of individuals in a fast-paced intense environment.
• Must be able to respond quickly during medical situations while remaining calm and professional.
• Experience in dealing with the public tactfully and with empathy.
• Ability to work and adapt to different software platforms including Microsoft office, Pet point & Avimark.
• Surgical experience preferred but not required.
• Demonstrated ability to think critically and apply good judgement when making decisions in accordance with Humane Society of Forsyth County organization policies and Standard Operating Procedures.


Must be at least 18 years of age. Must possess a valid driver’s license.


Full time – $15-$18/hr. depending on experience.

Job Type:


For more information or to submit your resume, contact the Shelter Operations Director at jdaniel@forsythpets.org.

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