January is National Train Your Dog Month; Adopt an Old Dog & Teach Them New Tricks in 2020!

January is national train your dog month. Training a dog takes a whole lot of patience and even more love. We’ve all heard people say that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Well, Humane Society of Forsyth County is here to talk about ways to teach older dogs new tricks and prove that it is not only possible but is also an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

It’s Never Too Late to Train a Dog

People get hung up on that old adage, when in fact, dogs are a lot smarter than we give them credit for. Even if you have a dog that is older and has lived a life full of misbehavior, you can reverse this with the right training techniques. Most dogs will respond positively to a reward system with treats. Once those old behaviors are replaced with these better ones, you will find that you have indeed taught an old dog new tricks.

Dog Training Methods; Patience & Treats

When picking treats for your dog, you should pick ones that you know your dog will love. Don’t use treats that they get all the time while training, get them treats that you know will motivate your dog to behave well so he/she gets to enjoy one. The biggest thing to remember during the training process is that you must have patience. Your dog isn’t going to learn the skill you are trying to teach them overnight. You will have to try and try again, rewarding for good behavior until all of a sudden you notice your dog is naturally behaving in a certain way.

Remember Your Aging Dog Isn’t a Puppy

If you are training a puppy, you may notice that their endurance is much better than when you are training an older dog. The training sessions shouldn’t be as long and should be filled with patience and love. Some dogs will start to show signs of exhaustion when they are tired of training. following are some signs that you may want to watch for:
– Yawning
– Lifting the Front Paw
– Lip Licking

Change Bad Behavior By Replacing, Not Controlling It

When it comes to changing your dog’s behavior, it is much easier to simply teach them something new than it is to control a behavior that they have been doing all their lives. It may be tempting to try and give them a treat as you try and distract them from what they are doing wrong. In reality, you should only be giving them a treat once they have done something right so they don’t misinterpret the reward for the negative behavior they have been doing.

Dog & Cat Adoptions in Cumming, Georgia

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